Hello I am looking for a job during june and july

Adrien Bellynck

I am submitting my application for internship in your company from May 22 to July 28, 2018. My versatility, my responsiveness, my contact and organizational skills help me to work as well as cashier, employee to put shelves or promote your products according to your needs. Author of a sense of responsibility, appreciating teamwork, having a good reportal my strengths. In addition, my dynamism and my rigor helped me adapt very quickly to the functioning and the peculiarities of your organization. Being in business school, this experience within your company has better applied the life of the company. I came to San Francisco for improve my english and learn about digital and the Silicon Valley, learn about people who lives here and visit San Francisco. I learn about bay area Ecosystem and this class was very Interests, we learn a lot about the ecosystem of Silicon Valley. I also learn about lean Startup it was a fun class we used our hand to describe our idea. And we learn with Andreas about digital Marketing. I meet some people at San Francisco how people are nice you can ask what ever you want they will take their time for you.

About myself

Hello my name is Adrien I live in Paris and I study in Paris too. I would like to specialize in finance, I like sports. I would like to be me own CEO, I would like to create an application and realize my idea. I am loyal and polite. I like to create things and use my imagination. I am sporty so I like to move. My passion is sports.

Inseec Classes:

My Interests:

Adrien Bellynck
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